It is a debate that has been going on since dating has been a thing, so, basically forever. We have all heard the notion that men prefer blondes and that blondes have more fun. Are we that stupid to think that somehow the color of your hair dictates how much we will enjoy our lives?


But then, maybe there is scientific proof that men prefer blondes or that blondes really do have more fun.

But that is something we could tackle at another time.

Hopefully, guys don’t judge girls by the color of their hair. However, we know that they garner perceptions based on culture, media and a mix of personal taste. In fact, there could be some unconscious bias when men judge women. And we aren’t just talking about blonde women, there are stereotypes associated with women of all hair colors. Here is what our skin therapy clinic in Charlotte discovered.

Red Hair

Redheads are perceived as opinionated and feisty. They may be hot-tempered, but they are also sexy and the preference of many men. But on the flipside, some redheads are seen as homely, with orange hair. pale lashes and freckles.

Red hair has been represented throughout history in many ways. You can see it in artworks of Michelangelo and it still cannot escape modern-day scrutiny. Red hair has always had significant standing in society. For example, in England and Scottland, red hair is respected and valued while in Germany, red hair is associated with witchcraft.

Black Hair

Women with black hair are viewed as people who hold an interest in poetry, religion and spirituality. They are self-centered and serious, but might have a little self-doubt, but only when standing next to a blonde.

Black-haired women are considered to be experts in finance. These lovely ladies are also perceived as deep, more concerned with the “big picture” than messing around with petty details.


Brunettes are intimidating and mysterious, they might also have a chip on their shoulder. But this could be because blondes get all of the glory.

Now, these are just stereotypes, here are a few thoughts about what men think about your hair.

“Mom, I Would Like You to Meet a Very Special Brunette”

Over 70 percent of males would pick a brunette or dark-haired woman as a partner, somebody they would take to meet their mother. This might be because brunettes are perceived as smarter or it could be because brunettes rate themselves above average in bed. You choose.

Men Like It Au Naturel

More than one-third of men said they don;t like it when a woman has perfect hair, they prefer hair that is soft and touchable.

Men Like Change

About 30 percent of men would like to see the woman in their life change her hair color or hairstyle more often. Apparently, variety is the spice of life.

Men Like It Up and Down

Nearly half of men asked said they like it when their special lady puts her hair up and the same amount said they like their hair down. In other words, whether your hair is up or down, men still think you are hot.

The bottom line is that men don’t care what color your hair is or how you wear it, if you’re hot, you’re hot.