You are feeling really good about yourself after skin therapy in Charlotte. You feel good because you look better than ever. In fact, you are in such a good mood, you decide this is the year to splurge and get your husband or boyfriend something extra special for Valentine’s Day. You’re just not sure what to get. Skip the box of chocolates and tie and find a gift that speaks his personal taste. Here are a few ideas that might help.


The beauty about giving a watch for a gift is that there are just so many styles from which to choose, you won’t have any problem finding him a watch that matches his style or personality. In addition, if you can’t afford the $100,000 dollar luxury watch, you can settle for a watch that tells time and looks great for $50.

Now, any style Rolex or Tag Heuer will look simply magnificent on his wrist, and he will surely treasure it forever. But these watches are rather expensive and might not fit into your budget. There is a solution, buy him a used Rolex. Rolex watches are an investment as in most cases, they go up in value. Just imagine the look on his face when you present him with such a fine watch.

Of course, the guy in your life could be the nerdy type and would totally prefer a Casio Calculator watch, just like the ones back in the 1980s.


You can’t go wrong giving him a pair of sunglasses for Valentine’s Day. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to any outfit, look great and with so many types and styles, finding a pair to match his look is easy.

Close your eyes and imagine what he will look like in a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarers. Perhaps he would prefer the sporty look offered by Oakley sunglasses.

Amazon Echo

Most guys are into the newest, coolest electronic gadgets and he can’t help but fall in love with the Amazon Echo. The Echo is there to answer his questions about the weather, tell him jokes and play all of his favorite music. In addition, the Echo works with a crazy amount of smart home gadgets.


Any guy is sure to cherish noise-cancelling headphones.While you are busy vacuuming the carpet, running the dishwasher or blow-drying your hair, he is able to shut out the annoying noises and listen to his favorite music while catching 40 winks.

A Turntable

Listening to vinyl records is popular once again. Treat your sweetie to a turntable this Valentine’s Day with a turntable that will play his albums and looks great in the process. A basic turntable will set you back about a hundred bucks, while fancier ones can cost significantly more. If your guy already has a turntable, help him fill out his record collection by buying him a few of his favorite albums. We hear Led Zeppelin is popular.

Dinner Anywhere

How about you buy him dinner on Valentine’s Day this year? Anywhere you chose to go will be fine with him, as long as you pay.