Your hair restoration treatment in Charlotte has paid off, the cute guy in IT just asked you out. You eagerly accepted and he suggested you choose where to go and what to do on the first date. Now, choosing where to go and what to do on a first date is nothing like, say, picking out a pair of shoes or deciding whether to go with poppyseed or miso dressing on your side salad. Not even close.

Tell the fine gentleman in IT you will need to think about your date destination for a bit, then read up on the advice we are about to give and return to him tomorrow with a creative answer.

Go for a Walk

Sure, on the surface this might seem like a copout idea, but there are things to consider. For example, just because you are on a first date does not mean you have to do something complex. Walking allows plenty of opportunity for conversation, words beyond “Hey, this steak is really good” or “What did you think about that movie?”

If you are an interesting person, and more importantly, if your date is an interesting person, you two will have no trouble articulating as your conversation progresses. You may even discover you like hanging out with this person, and not because he is buying you shrimp scampi and chocolate lava cake at an upscale eating establishment.

But don’t talk too much! Remember, the idea is to leave your date wanting more. Save some stories about yourself for the second and third dates. Beyond that, there is more to do than talk on a date.

Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies are great because you don’t have to shush the people sitting behind you or deal with the teens texting in front of you. Plus, scouring the lot for cars with steamed up windows is a fun game to play on a first date.

Have a Picnic

Pick a nice spot that is away from highways, strip malls and Walmart and enjoy a picnic complete with great food and tantalizing conversation. There is no need to spend a whole lot of money, just pack a basket with smoked turkey sandwiches on ciabatta buns, apple coleslaw and chocolate banana crepes and you are good to go. Wait, don’t forget to bring a nice bottle of wine and some stemware, a French Bordeaux will do rather nicely. Remember, your picnic is supposed to be simple, so leave the gold foiled-wrapped truffles at home.

Go to a Yoga Class

If you are out of shape, you might want to rethink this idea. But of you are up for it, a Yoga class is a great first-date destination. You go to the class, get all hot and sweaty, then towel off and head to a coffee shop for some tea and talk time.

Go to a Flea Market

Shopping with someone can give you insight into their personality and a glance at their soul. Not really, but shopping at flea markets is fun and you will learn a thing or two about your date.

Go to a Cooking Class

Check your local recreational guide or college for a list of cooking classes you and your date can attend. Again, this is an activity that will give you a little insight about the person you are with. Plus, you get to eat what you make, even if it is shrimp scampi.

Go to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo is a great first-date destination. Of course, if your date acts worse than some of the animals, it’s time to move on.

And there you have it, a few first date destination ideas. Good luck.