Having a bad hair day? You might be to blame.

Everyone knows that certain things can be extremely damaging to your hair, like constant exposure to heat. But it’s not just the obvious things we do that can damage hair, there are other things that can actually do more damage. If you have been noticing that you have more bad hair days than usual, your hair restoration clinic in Charlotte suggests it’s time to consider the habits that could be ruining your hair.

Chemical Treatments

Any chemical treatment will damage your hair to some extent, but some are definitely worse than others. Constant coloring, perming and relaxing your hair exposes it to a lot of bad chemicals. These actions can lead to drier, weaker hair. Something to consider the next time you make an appointment to have your hair colored.


There are some brunettes who want to have as much fun as blondes, but bleaching their hair is not very healthy. Bleaching can leave hair brittle and dry, and that is certainly not very fun.

Bad Brushes and Bad Brushing

Do you have one of those brushes with the plastic bristles and plastic beads at the end of them? If you do, go fetch it, we’ll wait. Got it? Good, now take that brush and toss it in the garbage. These types of brushes will shred your hair. If you are suffering frizzy hair, like Hermione in the first two harry Potter movies, try a different type of brush.

Embrace the Oil in Your Hair

Nobody wants greasy hair, but the natural oil in your hair is the best thing for it. The oil in your hair is what keeps your hair from getting dry, it de-frizzes your hair and it gives your hair that golden shine. The next best thing to the natural oil in your hair is adding oils to your hair, any good, pure oil will work.

Over-Washing Your Hair

Unless you sweat a whole lot or otherwise get your hair pretty dirty, there is no need to wash it every day. Over-washing your hair will dry it out and you are more likely to damage it.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Hair shafts are made up of one-fourth water and if you don’t drink enough H2O, your hair will become weak.

Towel Drying Your Hair

Your hair is at its most fragile state when it is wet. So it is easy to see why rubbing it abrasively and scrunching it up in a towel can cause damage. That is not to say you can’t use a towel to dry your hair, just use it as gently as you can.


No that is not a typo. If you use a blow-dryer on the heat setting, you are literally frying your hair. Water boils at 120 degrees and many blow-dryers are much hotter than that. After blow-drying your hair, many of you will then use a curling iron and heat your hair up even more, causing more damage.

So if you are having a bad hair day, you might want to see if you are causing damage to your hair.