Contrary to popular belief, both women and men typically agree on who looks attractive and who doesn’t. This holds true across various cultures. In a nutshell, beauty is not subjective. So we stop and wonder what traits make somebody a pleasure to look at.

Fuller lips for one and big eyes, high cheekbones and full hair, all of these traits are associated with sexiness in a woman. Which is why women in Charlotte spend money on treatments like hair restoration, skin therapy and other beauty

According to numerous studies, beauty is associated with good genes, healthiness and even intelligence. When it comes to beauty, the list of rewards is long.

Perceived As Healthier

Yes, beautiful people are seen as more healthy. Facial symmetry is perceived as a sign of health, though we all know it is not at all related to health. There was a study where researchers morphed photos of young adults together so that their faces were perfectly symmetrical. These faces received much higher health ratings than the normal pictures. Faces that were not symmetrical were viewed as unhealthy.

Perhaps They Are Healthier

Hold the phone. There is no real link between health and how good you look, but there is evidence that those who are considered less attractive are more susceptible to illness. There is a hypothesis that distinctive facial traits are tied to disorders in the chromosomes. This might explain why, at a biological level, we prefer good looking people as mates, we identify good looks with good genes.

Find A Mate

Speaking of mates, it is easier for an attractive person to find a mate, go figure.

Command Attentionbeauty1

People who are good looking use their sex appeal to command attention and get ahead in life. Studies show that attractive people hold stronger social skills and use this to their advantage, like in job interviews. Researchers also found that attractive speakers are more fluent talkers.

More Likeable

Typically, good looking people are treated better by others. Studies show that women who enhance their looks through makeup boost people’s perception of their trustworthiness, likeability and competence.

These are all good reasons to do your best to look as good as you can.