top-bannerAs Charlotte’s leading provider of hair restoration treatments for women, Regenerate Clinic is dedicated to helping ladies who are tired of hiding their thinning hair under hats or elaborate networks of bobby pins.

We want all women to feel comfortable coming to us to talk about their hair restoration options and all of the ways that Regenerate Clinic in Charlotte can help them look and feel better about themselves. It can be easy to feel like you’re the only woman in the world that needs hair restoration, but this simply isn’t true. To demonstrate just how many people have required hair loss treatment over the years, we present a brief version of its very long history. We hope that seeing just how long people have desired hair restoration will help you to feel more comfortable about coming in for a consultation today!

side-page-content-imageHair Restoration Techniques Throughout Time

1930s – Hair Grafts

Any discussion of hair restoration must begin with a mention of Dr. Shoji Okuda, a Japanese dermatologist who developed a method of transplantation utilizing hair grafts. In a research article published in the Japanese Journal of Dermatology in 1939, Dr. Okuda discussed the process of using a round punch to install these grafts onto hairless areas of the scalp, eyebrows and face of burn victims.

1950s – “Donor Dominance”

Fast forward a few decades, and we happen upon the work of Dr. Norman Orentreich in New York City. Dr. Orentreich utilized a technique that was similar to Dr. Okuda, only he focused his work on hair restoration for those who lost hair due to baldness rather than injury. Dr. Orentreich is known for coining the term “donor dominance,” which described the way in which his hair grafts maintained their original growth characteristics after being implanted on new hosts.

1960s and 1970s – “Plugs”

It was during this 20 year span that hair restoration took a strange turn, leading to some of the embarrassing stereotypes that still linger today. While the process of transplanting large grafts of hair grew more popular during this time, dermatologists still lacked the technology to refine the process for more natural looking results. This led to the unfortunate appearance (and ridicule) of “hair plugs.”

1980s – Mini/Micro Grafting

Things started moving in a more positive direction again in the 1980s, as micrografting technology became more widely available. Armed with this technology, doctors were able to extract and transplant much smaller grafts of hair, paving the way for true, natural hair restoration.

Modern Day – Non-Surgical Hair Restoration For Women

Thankfully, hair restoration technology has continued to advance since the 1980s, providing modern women with even more options. These days, it’s possible to obtain hair loss treatments that don’t even require surgery!

Regenerate Clinic of Charlotte is proud to provide women with hair loss treatments that are faster, more effective, and yes, even more affordable than many of the surgical restoration options offered by our competitors. We strive to constantly be innovating in the world of hair restoration, which is why we work closely with companies like Bosley Medical Group, Hair Club For Men, and Legacy Hair Center, and why we hope you’ll contact us for a FREE consultation today!