You might desire hair restoration or PRP treatment at your Charlotte clinic, but many women opt for plastic surgery. Perkier breasts, a smaller nose or a flatter, tighter tummy are all good reasons to choose plastic surgery and you probably think about having these treatments done from time to time. We would be lying if we said we never fell for a fad diet or overpaid for a cosmetic product that made big promises, but plastic surgery is an obsession that extends further and will dig very deep into your pocketbook. Here are a few reasons you should avoid going under the knife.plastic

It’s Expensive

According to resources, Americans spend more than seven billion in cosmetic surgical procedures each year. The average cost for a facelift is around $7,000, a nose job is going to cost you over $4,000 and a tummy tuck will set you back about $6,000. Just think about the really great vacation you can take with that money instead. And when you factor in the time you have to take off work to recover and any touch-up procedures you might need, the cost of plastic surgery just keeps adding up.

Consider this: Breast implants aren’t meant to last forever. The FDA says that one in five women will have to have implants removed in eight to ten years due to complications. Yet another added cost.


You might think plastic surgery is a one and done thing, but then, you could be wrong. There are countless plastic surgery junkies out there who continue to feed their addiction. It may not be an official diagnosis, but certain people are compelled to get plastic surgery. Think about what happens after the hair you dye starts to fade, you find yourself in the salon again having it colored.


Regardless the procedure or how minor it might be, there is a risk with any type of surgery. There are a number of pre-existing conditions that can complicate a surgery including diabetes and obesity.


So when that day comes and they remove the bandages from your face, you might not be happy with what you see. You may have thought you had nothing to lose and chose plastic surgery. Well, perhaps there was something to lose.