top-bannerWith Thanksgiving behind us, people in Charlotte are already getting very excited for the winter holidays. No matter where or how you celebrate, chances are you’re already putting together lists of friends, family members, and what you’d like to get them as a present.

This year, Regenerate Clinic would like to remind the women of Charlotte that the holidays are a great time to treat yourself to something that could drastically improve your quality of life…like hair restoration treatment!

If you’re the type of woman who is always worried about the comfort, safety, and happiness of others, now is the time to recharge your own batteries with a hair restoration treatment that will help you to look and feel your best! Keep reading to learn more or contact us to set up your FREE consultation today!

side-page-content-imageBenefits Of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

While we realize that there are many different reasons that women suffer from hair loss, and just as many ways to treat it, Regenerate Clinic specializes in non-invasive hair loss treatments that are fast, safe, and more importantly, effective. Here’s what you have to gain!

  1. Beautiful Family Photos – Far flung friends and family gather together during the holidays, if only for a few days or hours. When you’re all together with the ones you love, you’re going to want to take a lot of pictures. Don’t let your worry about hair loss prevent you from shining bright in these photos. With non-surgical treatments from Regenerate Clinic, you’ll never have to be afraid of saying “Cheese!” ever again.
  2. Confidence At Work – Hair loss can have a profound negative effect on a woman’s confidence. Requesting a performance review, giving a big presentation to a potential client, or going up for a promotion can be intimidating enough without the worry about whether or not others can notice your hair loss. Start the new year off with a big confidence boost when you treat yourself to hair restoration treatment!
  3. Avoid Premature Aging – Every woman wants to age gracefully, but if given the choice, they’d probably rather delay it as long as possible. Hair loss can make you look older prematurely, which can make things complicated if you’re trying to date. Look exactly your age (and not a minute over!) with hair restoration treatments from Regenerate Clinic.

Why PRP Hair Restoration Is Better For Women

We truly believe that platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) hair restoration is one of the best methods for dealing with female pattern hair loss. Why? Because PRP is non-invasive, time-tested, only requires about 45-60 minutes of your time per treatment, and allows women to resume their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

Regenerate Clinic Is The Premier Choice For PRP Hair Restoration In Charlotte

Our physicians have decades of experience providing effective hair restoration treatments to women. We know how to provide each one of our clients with a customized approach to the treatments they need. We’re discreet, fast, and most importantly, the treatments we provide really work. Come see what makes us the best today!