After a facelift, you need to have a good skin care routine. When it comes to developing a good skin care routine, there are several variables in which you should consider. There are products available for every type of skin need, but it can be rather difficult discovering which ones are right for you.

Skin Type

The first step in determining what products to use is to identify what type of skin you have. Your skin care products should be tailored to meet your particular type of skin. The three types of skin types are oily, dry and normal, so figure out your type and go from there.face


Regardless your skin type, you will need to clean your face at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bed. Now, your skin loses natural lubrication when you wash it, so don’t overdo it.

If you have dry skin, you don’t want a cleanser that is too harsh. Your best bet is settling on a skin cleanser that contains lanolin or olive oil that add lipids to the skin and keep it soft.

If you suffer from oily skin, you will want to do your best in avoiding cleansers with added oils. You will also want to avoid washing your face every time it feels greasy as you will only make things worse.

If you have normal skin, most products will be labeled for this skin type. You want a cleanser that won’t overdry or over-oil your skin.


If you have dry skin, moisturizer is a must. Look for products with ingredients like olive oil and glycerin.

If you have oily skin, there really isn’t a need for a moisturizer.

If you have normal skin, it is quite alright to use moisturizer on the parts of your skin that get dry.