Whether you received hair regrowth treatment for women or skin therapy in Charlotte, you will want to do your best to care for your hair and skin. The elements can be especially harsh on your skin and you will want ways in which you can protect yourself. Here are the five elements that can damage your skin and ways you can protect your skin.


The wind can dry our your skin very quickly. So before heading out, make sure you apply plenty of moisturizer. If you do suffer chapped lips or cracked skin, find a healing ointment at your local pharmacy. It also helps if you wear a scarf and gloves in harsh wind conditions.


The lipid layer is the layer of skin that protects and moisturizes, but cold air can cause damage to this layer. This is why many men and women suffer from dry skin when the weather turns cold, leaving you with a chapped face and dry, cracked hands. Again, protect your skin with plenty of moisturizer.


Excessive heat can also dry out your skin. Hot days and lots of sunshine make you sweat, leaving your skin dehydrated. On hot days, make sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Sunscreen also helps protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.hot


The elements that pollute the air can also be very harmful to your skin. When you breathe in these chemicals, they enter the bloodstream and damage your organs, including your skin. There are also certain chemicals that cling to your skin and cause damage. You want to make sure you regularly cleanse your skin to help wash off these chemicals.