Have you started to notice signs that your hair is thinning? Are you frustrated by over the counter hair regeneration treatments that promise great results for women but fail to deliver? We are here to help.

For years Regenerate Clinic in Charlotte has been helping women discover a better way to regrow their own hair without the risks or high cost of hair transplant surgeries. Keep reading to learn more about what sets our hair regeneration treatments apart from other hair loss options and how to best care for your hair after your treatment is complete.

side-page-content-image2Why Hair Regeneration Is Better For Women

Dermatologists have been determined to discover effective hair regrowth treatments for nearly 100 years. For many decades, the only option was heavy-handed hair transplantation procedures that looked anything but natural on a woman’s head. Check out our blog post titled “The Long And Interesting History Of Hair Restoration” to learn more about how far this industry has come.

Today, however, we’re proud to offer women a safer, faster, and more effective alternative to hair grafting in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy. We believe this method is preferable for women because it’s non-invasive, can be combined with hair loss medications for increased efficacy, and results in denser, fuller hair.

Who Is The Ideal Hair Regeneration Patient?

If you’re wondering whether or not hair regeneration treatment can help with your own hair loss struggle, it’s important to know that some women are better candidates than others. Most PRP hair loss experts agree that it’s best applied to two types of patients: those who have weak hair growth on certain areas of the scalp and patients with small areas of alopecia areata. However, hair regeneration can be effective for others as well. Only during a consultation can we determine whether you’re a strong candidate.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Caring For Your Hair After Regeneration Treatment

After you’ve had an examination with one of our hair regeneration specialists and it has been determined that you’re a good candidate for PRP hair restoration, you’ll schedule a time to receive your treatments. The entire process is quick and relatively painless. In most cases, women are in and out of our office in an hour or less.

It’s important to do everything you can to encourage the success of the treatment following PRP therapy. We love it when our patients take it upon themselves to eat healthy foods that encourage hair regrowth and when they take care to be gentle with their scalp after treatment. For that reason, we suggest the following guidelines:

  • Wait until the following day to shower, shampoo, or condition your hair.
  • Avoid wearing a hat or utilizing restrictive hairstyles (tight ponytails, buns) until the next day as well, as the scalp may be sensitive after treatment and these practices may cause further irritation.
  • Refrain from applying harsh chemical colorants or perming treatments for at least three days.
  • Wait until the next day to resume any topical hair loss treatments you may be using, including Minoxidil.

Want to learn more about how non-surgical hair regeneration can restore the beautiful hair of your youth? Contact Regenerate Clinic in Charlotte today!

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