If you haven’t noticed, there are very few celebrities with bad hair. In fact, most of them have pretty awesome hair and serve as an inspiration to many of us who wish to look as good as we possibly can. There are celebrities with long hair, short hair and shiny hair, but make no mistake, hair is an important part of who these people are. Many celebrities change the look of their hair more often than we change our socks and the more dramatic the change, the more likely people like us will take notice. But if you are suffering hair loss, it is difficult to emulate your favorite celebrity. This is why you need hair loss treatment for women in Charlotte.leto

By the way, when people discuss which celebrities have the best hair, there are a few who come up in conversation time and time again. Probably because they really do have great hair.

It is of little surprise that when talking about celebrities with great hair that Jennifer Aniston gets mentioned very often. And contrary to popular belief, Jennifer Aniston does not wash her hair with the tears of unicorns. Never-the-less, the woman is a hair icon. Jennifer has been on the scene for well over 20 years now and we have never been sick of her style, she just seems to nail it every time. In fact, the “Rachel” remains one of the most iconic hairstyles to date.

Long known for her signature big bombshell hair, Kim Kardashian has defined her hairstyle as of late. She has now taken a more experimental, fashion-forward turn and it does work for her. Now, her hair is getting as much attention as her other asset.

hairHalle Berry has hair that is so great that we love it even when she is wearing it in a ponytail. It really is that great.

We can’t leave the guys out of this discussion. Jared Leto is hands down one of the male celebrities with fantastic hair. In fact, his locks are the envy of both men and women. He looks great whether his hair is worn loose or up in a man bun.

And there you have it, our short list of celebrities with great hair.