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woman contemplating hair loss treatment for women in CharlotteSome women experience the effects of hair loss as early as their 20’s, and even more as they get older and reach menopause. Thinning hair can be more than just discouraging, it can have a deeply negative impact on your self-esteem. There seems to be more of a stigma attached to being a woman who is losing her hair than that for a man who is going bald. It might be an unfair double standard, but if you are a woman with thinning hair, it’s painful. There are numerous treatment options out there, which may or may not work for your hair loss. Make sure you carefully research your options before you spend your hard-earned money on any of these solutions.

There are numerous treatment options out there, which may or may not work for your hair loss. Make sure you carefully research your options before you spend your hard-earned money on any of these solutions.

Some Hair Loss Treatments Available Today

Specially-Formulated Shampoos

Some of these shampoos can be purchased over-the-counter, though for stronger formulas you might need a prescription from your doctor. These shampoos may provide limited success for women with minor hair loss and could help prevent more hair loss in the future, though results are mixed and may not be effective for those with more pronounced hair loss.

Topical Formulas Containing Minoxidil

Minoxidil is available in both a 2% and 5% formula, and you can buy it over-the-counter so it’s easy to get without a visit to your doctor.¬†You’ll need to use it consistently twice a day to get results. The 5% formula can be dangerous for female users, as it’s been reported to cause low blood pressure and fainting. It’s worth noting the 5% formula isn’t approved by the FDA for use by women.

Prescription Medications

There are a number of prescription medications available from your doctor that can help stimulate hair growth. Make sure you are honest with your doctor about health concerns or if there is a chance of you becoming pregnant before you start these medications, as some of them can have serious side-effects.

Ultraviolet Treatments

Some people are trying ultraviolet light treatments on the scalp to try to stimulate hair growth. The light is reported to stimulate blood flow and bring additional nutrients to the scalp, which in turn could promote hair growth.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are a surgical option for hair loss treatment. They involve taking small plugs of hair from thicker areas of growth and surgically inserting them into thinner areas. The recovery time is fairly short, and the scabs will fall out in about 10 days for most patients.

Scalp Reductions

Scalp reductions involve removing strips of the scalp to move areas with thicker hair growth closer together. This is a much more invasive surgical option than hair transplants, and it isn’t suitable for treatment in the front of the scalp since it leaves a sizable scar.

hair regeneration in Charlotte for womenPlatelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

This hair loss treatment for women involves injected platelet-rich plasma (PRP) via a very small needle into the areas of thin hair growth. The PRP contains cytokines and other elements that can stimulate the healing and regeneration of soft tissues, promoting healthy, thick hair growth in the treatment area. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t require extensive recovery time afterward.

Explore Non-Invasive Hair Loss Treatment Options for Women

If you are ready to explore effective hair loss treatment options for women, our Charlotte clinic is ready to help. We offer safe, non-invasive methods to help you regrow your own natural hair, without surgery or long recovery times. Many of our patients see results in the mirror in as little as four months. Our comfortable, relaxing clinic is here to help you regain your natural hair without the gimmicks or wasting your money or time. Click on the button below to contact our team and start your journey to a fuller, thicker head of hair.

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