Hair is one of the most individually unique and expressive parts of our bodies. And if you think you know everything there is to know about your hair, think again. You may know what style works best for you and you may know that you look better as a redhead than a brunette, but there is a lot going on up there on the top up your head of which you are completely unaware. You might also be suffering from thinning hair, which is a good reason to seek hair loss treatment for women in Charlotte.

Everyone has it, and most of us are obsessed with it. That stuff that crowns your head and you care for diligently by shampooing, drying and brushing has some pretty amazing properties. So keep these hair facts in mind next time you are having another bad hair day. A great way to expand your mind while killing time is to read these fun facts about hair.


It Grows Really Fast

You might think it takes a long time for hair to grow, but then you would be wrong. hair actually grow a whole lot faster than you might think. Hair grows about 0.33mm every day, which, if we do our math correctly, works out to be about six inches a year. This means in just a few short years, you can have locks down to your waist.

There are several things that will slow the growth of hair. If you treat your hair too rough with too much blow drying or curling irons, your hair will break off and never get the opportunity to grow out.

Also, hair grows quicker in warm climates, so maybe moving to Florida when you retire isn’t such a bad idea.


You Lose Hair Every Day

Don’t worry too much about the hair you spot near the shower drain every morning. On average, you will lose 100 to 150 strands of hair a day. This is perfectly natural and no reason to panic as the hair you lose starts growing back right away. Besides, with over 100,000 strands of hair, losing a few isn’t going to be noticeable at all.


Back in Black

Natural red hair is quite rare with only about one percent of the world’s population staking claim to being a redhead. The second most rare hair color is blonde, taking up about two percent of the population around the world. The most common colors of hair are dark colors with black being the most common.


Hair Strong

Consider this; since every strand of your hair can support 100g, then your head of hair can support the equivalent of two elephants.

Curly Hair

Even if it appears straight, all hair has twists in it. As your hair grows, it develops twists and the only difference between your straight hair and your friend’s curly hair is that your friend’s hair has so many twists in it that it curls.


Long Lasting

If treated right, your hair has a lifespan that will last between four and seven years.