Hair loss for a man is bad enough, but it is a downright catastrophe for a woman. In a recent study, nearly 80 percent of females who suffer hair loss say they no longer feel like a woman. Like men, women tend to develop thinning hair as they age, which is quite normal. After menopause, thinning hair tends to get worse.loss1

There are, of course, other causes for thinning hair in women besides age. Heredity plays a big part of thinning hair in both men and women. You might be losing hair because that is how you are programmed. You could also lose hair if you suffer a hormone disorder, like an underactive thyroid gland. Severe mental stress can cause a woman to lose her hair as can an iron deficiency. In fact, there are many causes of hair loss in women.

There are also many hair loss treatments for women in Charlotte.

Go to your local pharmacy and you can find any number of medications or solutions for hair loss. You can also try the natural approach and change your diet in hopes of stopping thinning hair. You could also get a hair transplant, but in addition to the high cost, any type of surgery runs a certain risk.stress

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