Frustrated with your thinning hair? It can make it hard to go out with your head held high when you feel like you look less than your best. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can hide your thinning hair and create beautiful looks that boost your confidence. It’s a great way to hold you over until you make an appointment with our hair restoration clinic for women in Charlotte!

Try These Methods to Hide Thin Hair

hair regeneration for women in CharlotteTalk to an experienced stylist.

Talk to a stylist who has experience working with thin hair. They should be able to suggest a style that will help you make your thinning hair. It might be adding bangs, cutting hair shorter, or layering it differently. Trust their advice and let them show you how great thin hair can look.

Use accessories to your advantage.

Using accessories isn’t just great for masking thin hair, it’s a lot of fun and you’ll look great. Try adding headbands, scarves, large floral clips or other accessories into your hair to hide thinning areas. There are lots of great options in your local store to try.

Change where you part your hair.

Sometimes a simple change can make a big difference! Try parting your hair in a different area. If you normally part on the side, try parting in the middle (it’s a very hot look right now!). Hair often thins at the part so simply moving your part could make a difference.

Get a Free Consultation for Hair Restoration

These methods will help you mask the symptoms, but they won’t really solve your thin hair problem. If you are tired of masking thin hair and want to see real hair growth, it’s time to talk to Regenerate Clinic in Charlotte. Click on the button below to make an appointment for a free consultation and learn what our hair restoration team can do for you!

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