top-banner1Let’s be honest, we all have our little vanities. For many men, it’s their muscles, athletic abilities, or even romantic prowess. For many women, it’s their hair.

Our entire lives, we brush wash, condition, comb, cut, and color our hair, loving the way that it enhances the shape of our face and wafts gently in a soft summer breeze. But everything comes crashing down the day we realize that our hair is no longer as thick and lustrous as it used to be.

The important thing to remember is that hair loss treatments for women have come a long way in the past decade. We now have many options beyond the invasive hair transplant surgeries that use to be the only option. Additionally, we now understand that diet can play a big role in enhancing your chosen hair loss treatment, greatly increasing your chances of successful regrowth. Keep reading to learn more, and If you’re interested in professional hair restoration treatment, please contact Regenerate Clinic in Charlotte for a FREE consultation today.

side-page-content-image1Signs You May Be Suffering From Hair Loss

Everyone’s hair falls out. This is just a natural part of our body’s regenerative processes. “Your hair changes every seven years,” explains women’s hair restoration expert Lucinda Ellery told the Huffington Post. “There are 150,000-200,000 hairs on our heads; we actually shed 100 a day, 36,000 in a year on average. It regenerates at approximately the same rate, although a little bit less each trimester.

It’s when too much hair starts to fall out at too rapid of a pace that many women call it “hair loss” and start to see professional treatment. So how do you tell if what you’re seeing in your comb and in the sink is natural?

  • Loss Of Volume/Thickness – If your hair was generally thick and voluminous, but now it’s thin and flat, it could be a sign that you’re losing hairs at an unnatural pace.
  • A Wider “Part” – If you generally part your hair, down the center of your head or to one side or the other, and notice that your part is becoming wider and more noticeable, it could be a sign of hair loss.
  • Lost Hair Accumulation – When you get out of bed, do you notice lost hairs covering your pillow? Do you have to clean your brush or comb after every time you do your hair because so many hairs have become caught in the tines? Are you constantly cleaning your shower drain because of hairs attempting to follow the water down it? These may all be signs of unnatural hair loss.
  • Scalp Visibility – Finally we arrive at the sign of hair loss that every woman fears the most: the receding hairline. One day, you pull your hair back into a ponytail or barrette and suddenly notice that it’s a lot thinner than it used to be, especially around the border of your face.

Foods That Can Fight Back Against Hair Loss

Here at Regenerate Clinic in Charlotte, we believe that hair loss treatment for women is something that should be tackled both internally and externally. While we have many effective treatments for you to choose from, adding these foods to your diet can also enhance your body’s natural hair-growing functions:

  1. Walnuts – These delicious nuts are high in oils that enhance your body’s natural elastin production and encourage hair growth. Eating lots of walnuts can reduce breakage of individual hairs.
  2. Spinach – Did you know that iron deficiency is the second leading cause of hair loss in women? It just so happens that this leafy green is a great source of iron, as well as other vitamins and minerals.
  3. Halibut – This delicious fish is high in magnesium, an essential mineral that may contribute to hair loss when women don’t get enough of it in their diet.
  4. Carrots – Remember how your mother used to tell you to eat carrots so your eyes would be strong? Turns out they’re actually great for your hair too! Carrots are high in beta carotene which the body uses to produce the oils your scalp needs for healthy hair.
  5. Bok Choy – How are your ferritin levels? If they’re low, it could be contributing to your hair loss. Include bok choy in your diet a couple of times a week to restore a healthy level of this blood cell protein

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