Beauty is subjective, nobody will argue that. You may define beauty as something completely different than the person sitting next to you. Yet, we take beauty into consideration in almost everything we do, as we should due to its importance. Simply put, beauty makes everything that much better. Think about the time and effort you put into ensuring you look beautiful every day. It is the reason you shop for nice clothes, it is the reason you apply makeup and it is the reason you seek hair loss treatment for women in Charlotte. You do all of this to be beautiful.beauty2

You are drawn to things that are beautiful. Art is created and bought because it is beautiful, your car is beautiful and your bracelet is beautiful, even if most others would not agree. Basically, beauty is part of being human.

There have been studies that suggest beauty changes our mood. One of these studies concluded that the mood of people who rode in nice cars was significantly better than the mood of those who rode in ugly cars.

There was also a study that showed even when we lose our minds, we still recognize beauty. There have been tests conducted on patients with Alzheimer’s disease in which they were showed a series of drawings, in the end, they were able to point out the beautiful drawings.

Take a wall that is dirty and dark and people avoid walking past it. Paint a pretty picture on that very same wall and it is soon a favorite spot for many people. Therefore, beauty improves functionality.

Embrace beauty and everything you do will be better.