As a woman, your body will go through many changes over the course of your life, some will be good and others, well, not so much. Many of these changes may be a contributing factor to hair loss. This will prompt you to seek hair loss treatment in Charlotte. If you are wondering just what can cause hair loss in women, we have a short list.comb

Poor Hair Etiquette

One reason for hair loss in women is due to bad hair etiquette. The excessive use of curling irons and other hairstyling tools can be a reason you are now suffering from hair loss. The prolonged use of hair gels and other hair products is another reason you suffer hair loss. You might also be suffering hair loss because you wore tight ponytails or used the wrong type of comb on your hair. Even excessive hair coloring can lead to hair loss.


Once a woman hits menopause, a lot of changes in her body will be taking place. Estrogen levels will fall and this can make hair dry and cause hair loss if not properly cared for.

Protein Deficiency

Your hair is made from a protein called keratin. If you do not eat enough protein-rich foods, it could make your hair brittle, which leads to weak strands that tend to fall out prematurely.


Birth control pills and other types of medications can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy can also result in hair loss.

Poor Diet

A crash diet where you lose a lot of weight over a short period of time can cause hair loss. This happens because diets often deprive the body of the nutrients it needs.

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