PRP is a great hair loss treatment for women in Charlotte, but there are also many other benefits in receiving this type of treatment. Hair loss affects many people, even women. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has come to the attention of many professionals and patients as a solution to hair loss and other treatments. But many don’t know what the treatment entails and the benefits of the

About the Treatment

PRP therapy involves taking some blood from the patient and separating the PRP from the rest with an active compound and centrifuge. The scalp is then numbed and the PRP is injected into strategic places in the scalp. These platelets are an excellent way to spur healing and halt hair loss.


Because the blood used for the therapy is your own, there is no risk of allergies or anything else that can happen using donor blood. The second benefit is the effectiveness of the treatment as it has been shown to work very well. In most cases, results can be seen three to six months after treatment begins. When used in conjunction with a hair transplant, success rates have been high as the PRP stimulates transplanted hair follicles to grow and develop.

But one of the best benefits in receiving PRP treatment is in the cost, especially when considering other surgical methods of treating hair loss. PRP treatment is a simple and efficient way to halt and restore hair loss. For more information, feel free to give us a call.