You underwent hair loss treatment at your Charlotte hair restoration clinic this last winter and it was a wild success. You then spent some time at the spa receiving skin therapy and you look amazing. You have been waiting for the weather to warm up so you can go out and show off your new look.

Well, spring is nearly here and the days have been getting warmer and longer. This is the perfect time to start taking up biking. Why biking you might be asking. Well, bike riding is a way to get outdoors and meet new people, something you have wanted to do since your treatments. In addition, bike riding offers a wide range of benefits.

Have Fun

Everyone needs to have fun at least every once in awhile. Riding a bike is not like driving, it’s actually pretty darn fun. When you ride on your own, you either get caught up in your thoughts or perhaps hum a happy tune. Either way, riding a bike will keep you content.

If you ride with a friend or family member, riding a bike is twice as fun. Like hikers on a mountain path, you will ride down the street talking about the events of the day or perhaps what you plan on doing the rest of the day.

See the World

Travel around in your car and all you see is the road, travel on your bike and you are able to see the world. Bikes go practically anywhere and enable you to see all of the details that make up our world. Travel to different cities in your car if you will, but when you reach your destination, ride around the city of your bike for the best views.

Save Money

Why stop at riding your bike after work and on the weekends? If you want to get even more exercise and save money on gas, leave the car at home and ride your bike to and from work.

Get Places More Quickly

If you need to go to the store for some bread and milk, taking your bike could be a lot quicker than taking your car. If the store you shop is just a few miles away, take your bike, you save a few cents in gas money and you don’t have to jostle for a parking spot.

Reduces Stress

After a long and hard day at work, come home and rewind by riding your bike. Research has shown that exercise releases the happy hormones in your brain, making you happy and relieving your stress. We can’t think of a better way to feel good about the day.

Vitamin D

Riding your bike outdoors will relax you, give you exercise and will make you feel happy, but it will also up your levels of vitamin D. A shortage of sunshine can lead to any number of conditions, none of which are good for you. Make sure you are getting plenty of sunshine by riding your bike as often and for as long as you can.