It’s spring and what better way to show off the new look you after hair loss treatment in Charlotte than by hosting an epic spring party. When it comes to planning a springtime fete, there are a few things you need to realize; the weather can be fickle and can make things a bit tricky. So if you do plan your party outdoors, make sure you have a solid backup plan should the weather go south on the day of your fabulous festivities.

You could, of course, plan an outdoor party in a sheltered area, just in case. Regardless the type of venue you choose, there are plenty of other considerations you need to think about when planning your spring bash. Here are a few.

Incorporate Natural Decor

Even if you hold your event indoors, you need to ensure your decor has some colors and smells of the great outdoors. It’s a spring party, so make sure you have flowers and other greenery strategically placed throughout the venue, and don’t forget a centerpiece that mirrors the season you are celebrating. Mix earthy tones with splashes of spring colors and you have the perfect combination.

Serve Light and Fresh Drinks

Both non-alcoholic and adult beverages should be light and crisp to mirror the season. Take advantage of the lavender blooming in your yard to create lavender lemonade with a touch of honey. You see how springy that drink is? The perfect springtime cocktail is the mojito, make sure to serve it with fresh mint leaves or else it just falls flat.

Fresh Food

Skip out on serving shrimp scampi or any type of beef, your menu needs to include all that is fresh and simple. Start things off with some cucumber sandwiches and then have your guests dive into your fruit and vegetable platters. Of course, you cannot forget dessert. Your guests will be drooling when they set their gaze on your buttermilk panna cotta with rhubarb jelly or your famous strawberry shortcake.

Fun Activities

If your party is held outdoors, make sure you have relaxing games like croquet, horseshoes and lawn bowling available for all to enjoy. If your guests don’t mind getting a little dirty, have them paint their own flower pot and plant some flower seeds. Oooooh, the excitement is almost too much to handle!

Hang Paper Lanterns

Hang paper lanterns because they are so colorful and cool to look at. They pair really well with wicker furniture as well.

Multiple Light Sources

Don’t stop at the paper lanterns, you will want lights from multiple sources. For example, you could have some string lighting overhead, a few landscape lights in the lawn and a fire pit with a crackling fire.

Try a Theme

Yes, it is a spring party, but calling it a spring party can be entirely too dull and boring. Spice things up a bit by giving your spring party a theme. For example, you could throw in a few fake palm trees and some coconut drinks and call it a Hawaiian party. Or you could erect a cardboard cutout of the Eiffel tower, serve crepes and act rude to tourists and you have yourself a Paris-themed party.

Utilize Your Porch

It’s time to revive the front porch. A spring party is a perfect time to spiff up your front porch and make it a part of your celebration. Add a few chairs, a table filled with goodies and a rug to tie everything together and guests will flock to your front porch. Your neighbors will be so jealous. If there are threats to call the authorities, just invite them over instead.