If you are a man, it is very likely that you will suffer hair loss at some point in your life. For many men, the progression of baldness has already begun. The question now is what are you planning on doing about it. You could go into denial and pretend the whole nightmare of losing your hair isn’t really happening. But that won’t get your hair back. We suggest you call us for an appointment to discuss hair loss treatment in Charlotte. If not, here are a few things you can do to distract others from your hair loss.bald

Short hair is in these days. In fact, short hair is always the style of those who are losing their hair. Cropping your hair as short as you can is a good way to camouflage that hair loss. We mean it, we really do.

Instead of pinching pennies by getting your haircut at the local beauty school, fork out some real money for a stylist. A stylist won’t magically cure you of your baldness, but they can work wonders with what little hair you have left.

If you are going to eventually go bald anyway, you might as well just go ahead and shave your head right now. Shave your head and nobody will figure out you are going bald. Just remember to utilize sunscreen.

A balding man looks even worse if he is out of shape or otherwise overweight. Hit the gym for the next several months and get that bulked up, beefy looking body you have always desired. A great body won’t bring your hair back, but it will distract from what you don’t have up top.

But we still think the best idea is to call us if you are losing your hair.