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For New Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Marketing Study

Losing your hair? We are actively seeking 8 area men who have suffered above-average hair loss in the past 3-7 years for our marketing program.


The Breakthrough Hair Restoration Therapy
...that has Hair Loss Industry leaders Pulling Out Their Hair!

A New Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatment has drawn the interest of men around the world. For many years- when men considered hair loss treatment, many of them choose to pursue Hair Transplantation Surgery. There are several key reasons why many men now prefer the breakthrough PRP Treatment over traditional hair transplants!

It’s Not Surgery.

Who wants surgery?  Most men don’t. The best selling hair transplantation surgery requires you to actually shave the back of your head, and the procedure could leave scars and swelling, while PRP sessions can get you back to work the very next day, with no shaving required.

Faster Results!

When a man has a hair transplant procedure, the hair won’t even start to grow for 3-6 months. That’s when it starts. so it might be close to a year before it’s cosmetically acceptable. Our PRP patients have seen results in as soon at 5-6 weeks.

Less "Shock Loss".

Most of the major hair restoration practices centers hide this simple fact: Hair restoration surgery frequently causes “shock loss”. This is when some of the patient's smaller, thinner hairs might shed as a result of your surgical hair restoration procedure. This is significant, because this means many hair transplant patients get far, far worse before the new hair even starts to grow. 

Regenerate Clinic has more specialized PRP experience than anyone in the country. We are planning our future marketing materials for an exciting new technology. This offers an opportunity for patients who desire the latest hair restoration technology, and would like to receive this world class treatment at a significant savings.  

We are actively seeking 8 area men who have suffered above-average hair loss in the past 3-7 years for our marketing program. The program is not free, however successful candidates will receive a significant discount on a breakthrough hair regeneration treatment. Although the program is not free, participants will receive the complete treatment protocol at a discounted rate. All we ask is that we can follow your new hair growth with pictures every few months for one year.

It's an excellent opportunity for you to receive the latest hair restoration technology- for far less than you'd expect.

Preview The Latest Hair Restoration Technology.

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* Results Vary- Best Results with Hair Lost Within Past 5 Years
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