1. You Successfully Completed Hair Restoration in Charlotte, Go Ride a Bike

    Since you successfully completed hair restoration in Charlotte, you have been thinking about taking up a healthy sport. Well, bike riding is one of the most rewarding sports women can do, regardless your age or activity level. With all of the benefits associated with bike riding, it is surprising why it isn't more popular among women. Here are a few reasons what cycling can do your body, mind and …Read More

  2. Your Hair Restoration Treatment in Charlotte Garnered You a Date

    Your hair restoration treatment in Charlotte has paid off, the cute guy in IT just asked you out. You eagerly accepted and he suggested you choose where to go and what to do on the first date. Now, choosing where to go and what to do on a first date is nothing like, say, picking out a pair of shoes or deciding whether to go with poppyseed or miso dressing on your side salad. Not even close. Tell t…Read More

  3. Celebrate Your Hair Loss Treatment in Charlotte by Hosting a Party

    It's spring and what better way to show off the new look you after hair loss treatment in Charlotte than by hosting an epic spring party. When it comes to planning a springtime fete, there are a few things you need to realize; the weather can be fickle and can make things a bit tricky. So if you do plan your party outdoors, make sure you have a solid backup plan should the weather go south on the …Read More

  4. Depressed By Hair Loss? Hair Loss Treatment in Charlotte Can Help

    Depression is a disorder that is evidenced by loss of interest in enjoyable things, excessive sadness and low motivation. While it is normal to experience feelings and despair in response to certain life events, those feelings are often resolved when you come to terms with these changes in your life. For example, if you are depressed because you suffer hair loss, hair loss treatment in Charlotte c…Read More

  5. Hair Restoration in Charlotte Can Help

    Sometimes physical or emotional stress can lead to hair loss, which is a major concern. Due to the hair growth cycle, you can start losing your hair weeks or even months after a stressful event. The hair loss can continue for months after the stressful event. Fortunately, your hair will usually grow back once the stress has been eliminated. But regrowth won't happen if the stress you are suffering…Read More

  6. Tips Your Hair Loss Treatment Clinic in Charlotte has for Dealing with Bad Hair Days

    It doesn't matter if you get the very best haircut you can afford, it doesn't matter if you buy the most expensive, top-of-the-line hair products and it doesn't matter if you wake up three hours before you have to be at work to primp and prime your hair, you will suffer bad hair days. There are things in life that happen that are much worse than having a bad hair day, but not many. Having a bad ha…Read More

  7. Your Hair Loss Treatment Center in Charlotte Offers the Benefits of a Healthy Diet

    Eating healthy isn't always easy, but committing to a healthy diet is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because eating healthy makes you look and feel better, it will also save you money in health care costs down the road. Eating healthy can be challenging, even more challenging, perhaps, is not eating the foods full of sugar and saturated fats. If you need some help finding motivati…Read More

  8. What Our Skin Therapy Clinic in Charlotte Discovered About Hair

    It is a debate that has been going on since dating has been a thing, so, basically forever. We have all heard the notion that men prefer blondes and that blondes have more fun. Are we that stupid to think that somehow the color of your hair dictates how much we will enjoy our lives? Perhaps. But then, maybe there is scientific proof that men prefer blondes or that blondes really do have more fun. …Read More

  9. Your Hair Restoration Clinic in Charlotte Suggests You Could be Ruining Your Hair

    Having a bad hair day? You might be to blame. Everyone knows that certain things can be extremely damaging to your hair, like constant exposure to heat. But it's not just the obvious things we do that can damage hair, there are other things that can actually do more damage. If you have been noticing that you have more bad hair days than usual, your hair restoration clinic in Charlotte suggests it'…Read More

  10. Hair Loss Treatment at Your Charlotte Hair Restoration Clinic was a Wild Success

    You underwent hair loss treatment at your Charlotte hair restoration clinic this last winter and it was a wild success. You then spent some time at the spa receiving skin therapy and you look amazing. You have been waiting for the weather to warm up so you can go out and show off your new look. Well, spring is nearly here and the days have been getting warmer and longer. This is the perfect time t…Read More